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date: 2023


-Logo Design
-Style Guide
-Brand Asset Design
-Package Design


David Kushner is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter originally from the suburbs of Chicago and currently based in Florida. I was asked to design several assets and other deliverables for David's merchandise brand and his upcoming tour.

"Philip's work speaks for itself. He designed my branding style guide, and much more. He is unreal talented."

—David Kushner

"Not only is Philip's work beyond his years, the way he conducts his business is at the highest level"

—Brent Shows (David's Manager)

01. logo and style guide

creating a funktional and beautiful logo and style guide

The Miserable Merch Logo

design goals

I had complete design freedom with this logo, but I knew I wanted to make it feel at home in David's existing branding, pairing well with his own logo. Additionally, I wanted to have the functionality of a full text-based logo and an icon.

My process

I chose a rounded serif font as the starting point of the logo so that it would match well with David's existing logo. To make the logo feel "miserable," I modified the letters to be top-heavy, giving a slumped over, hangdog feel to the typography. Furthermore, to incorporate the theme of misery, I modified the "M," making the first stroke look like a tear. This also added a memorable and unique feature to the logo, enabling the use of an icon that only included the "M".

The Style guide

design goals

Before I started work on this style guide, I was provided with David Kushner's logo and one brand color. My goal was to create a simple style guide that would tie David's brand together visually and enable his marketing team to easily apply the visual guidelines to future branding.

My process

To begin, I analyzed David's existing content, the color, the feel, and other visual elements. David's vibe is very warm and grainy, often complemented by cold deep blues. He has an analog retro/vintage feel throughout his branding. I decided to incorporate those feelings and themes into the style guide. I chose a vintage serif font that matches the font of David's existing logo very well. To complement the display font and add to the analog vintage theme, I chose a slightly distressed typewriter font for the core body font. Choosing the color was straightforward. I opted for complementary beiges and browns to go along with David's existing color and added two blue options. To ensure that the style guide would be used correctly, I included information about when and how to use the different assets.

01. logo and style guide

Applying the style guide to create cohesive brand assets

tour banners

design goals

These assets are for David's upcoming tour and will be placed next to his merchandise stand, as they provide important information about the merchandise and other details about the tour. My first goal was to display the information as clearly as possible. Aesthetically, my goal was to use the style guide I had created to align the posters perfectly with David's visual identity.

my process

To make the content on the banners as clear and easy to consume as possible, hierarchy was the most important consideration. I made David and his logos the biggest elements on the banners so that people coming from far away could easily see whose stand they were approaching. Once you get closer, the main heading, informing the reader about the purpose of the banner, is positioned directly at eye level. I placed the QR code roughly at chest height to ensure a comfortable scanning experience. Aesthetically, I adjusted the main image on the meet and greet banner to match the color palette of the style guide. I used the typography and other visual elements from the style guide to further align the banners with David's visual identity.

design goals

This is the largest banner and its main purpose is to be visible from a distance, making it easy for people to identify David's merchandise stand.

My process

David's most distinctive and well-established visual elements are his logo and his face, so I aimed to make them as large as possible. To achieve this, I created an alternative version of the logo that better fills the wide format of the banner.

01. logo and style guide

Creating an aesthetic, seamless package design

The merchandise packaging

design goals

The objective of the packaging design was to showcase David's face and logo as prominently as possible, as they are the most significant aspects of his visual identity. Apart from that, the package should feature the QR code and David's social media handles.

My process

My idea was to create a seamless wrap that goes once around the entire package. I chose to extend the sunset sky background from one of the images to serve as a backdrop for the package. Then, I color-matched and incorporated the other images into the design. To integrate the logo and other information in an aesthetically pleasing and functional manner, I utilized a grid system to align everything.

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