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date: 2022


-Logo Design
-Style Guide


Dolami Inc. specializes in innovative VR technology such as the X MASK project, a face mask that detects facial expressions for enhanced VR communication. While Dolami Inc. had a logo for their primary product, they did not have a company logo.

"I am extremely satisfied with Philip's work and the resulting company logo. He interviewed us and created a logo that elevated our brand image to the next level. Despite his young age, Philip is full of passion for design, and it has been one of my greatest pleasures to work with someone like him. I believe he will continue to absorb new ideas and further develop his passion and skills."

—Yuta  Inakazu (ceo of dolami, inc)

01. logo and style guide

creating a flexible logo with meaning

a logo with meaning

The logo consists of two squares which are smoothly connected to each other. The smooth flow and round edges retain a creative and passionate feeling, while the simple straight lines of the squares show the modern and professional side of Dolami Inc.

The icon symbolizes two different meanings. The first is the seamless connection between reality and virtual reality, which emphasizes Dolami's mission to create products that help bridge the gab between the two dimensions and highlights the slogan “Connecting dimensions”, which I suggested. The second is to symbolize "thinking outside the box", a core Dolami value - innovative and creative thinking; not merely thinking outside the box but expanding the box, expanding the boundary of possibility.

an opticaly adjusted grid

The theme of smoothly connecting shapes continues in the logo type, which makes for a clean and cohesive core logo. I decided against a generic font for the core logo, as a unique word mark allows for the icon and type to be used separately without losing the brands' memorability. This separate use is further encouraged by the subtle hint of the logo icon in the negative space of the “d” in the word mark.

The whole logo is built upon an optical adjusted square grid. Our eyes perceive horizontal strokes as thicker than vertical ones. To combat this, all vertical strokes (Y) are slightly thicker than the horizontal strokes (X).


I chose cyan blue as the accent color because it retains the respect and professionalism of a deep blue while still being bright and passionate. Because our eyes perceive colors differently on different backgrounds, the accent color is split up into two tones for uses on light and dark backgrounds. The two core colors are a warm white and black to contrast the cool blue nicely and serve as a simple and clean base.

Not only the colors have been adjusted to feel optically coherent, but also the logo. Light visuals on dark backgrounds are perceived as much heavier than the reverse. To combat this, all dark mode logos are slightly thinner.

The logo family

As mentioned before, the logo is designed to be used  in both icon and word mark form, yet these are not the only versions of the logo that have been provided. To cover a great host of use cases, the logo can be configured in both a horizontal and vertical layout.

The whole logo is builThe logo margins are set to allow for easy optical alignment, as they are visually centered rather than mathematically centered.

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