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Hey, my name is philip

I'm a German-Canadian designer currently based in Germany. I create beautiful and functional visual systems, logos, posters, and graphics for businesses, makers, and artists. Over the past four years, I have completed numerous projects and collaborated with multiple clients. I designed, built, and launched several websites, interned and worked for a graphic design agency, and grew my design Instagram account to over 100k followers.

one poster a week makes you a geek

For almost five months now, I've made one poster a week. I've found that during the process of working on long projects (Like the design of this website) the work can start becoming a bit repetitive, so it is always really nice to have one day when I can just let my creativity take over.

the guy behind all this

about me (philip rempel)

Hey! Now for the proper introduction. My name is Philip Rempel. I am currently in 11th grade, attending high school in Germany. In my free time, I love to explore my creative side, especially through graphic design. Over the past few years, I've been working hard to develop my skills as a designer and build a business around it. During that process, I've learned many things and have also become a very organized and disciplined person who believes in goal-oriented work and structured routines. However, I also recognize the importance of having processes in place that allow my creativity and ingenuity to soar to new heights. I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you in the future!

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Ah, yes. here is a picture of my face. Sorry if I blinded you with my good looks*
*Obvious sarcasm intensifies




-Visual Identity

-Logo Design

-Style Guide

-Brand Asset Design

-Package Design



- Logo Design

- Style Guide

-Logo Design

-Poster Design

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