project info

date: 2023/2024


- Logo Design
- Style Guide


OMU is a specialized bag brand, providing unisex bags for creators, artists, and fashion enthusiasts. I was requested to design the OMU logo and develop a style guide reflecting its space theme in a clear and cohesive manner.

The challange

One of OMU's most unique aspects is its space theme. The challenge was to incorporate the rough organic nature of space while keeping a clean, minimal, and luxurious feel. Additionally, the logo should be a flexible system allowing for numerous applications in creative ways.

The approach

After many iterations and exploration of various concepts, I settled on the idea of employing a base grid system that establishes certain fixed parameters while leaving other aspects open for free adjustment. This approach enabled the creation of an organic outer shape that can be tailored for different applications, while the fixed parameters set clean, symmetrical shapes, preserving the minimal and luxurious feel.

01. logo

crafting a flexible logo system

02. Style Guide

a comprehensive style guide

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