Stand still

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date: 2022


-Logo Design


STAND STILL is an entertainment company that specializes in organizing events, including live DJ sets and concerts. I was given the opportunity to create a logo and wordmark that embody the brand's modern and professional aesthetic, while still maintaining its underground and raw vibe.

“Working with Philip was very easy, he delivered an excellent work and got the job done in less than a week. The team of Stand Still and I Thank him very much”

—pierre comair, Co-founder

01. logo and style guide

Simple but meaningful

a logo with meaning

My goal with this logo design was to convey the meaning of the brand name as well as the aesthetic and feel of the brand in one simple icon. After going through dozens of design ideas and concepts, I landed on a concept that I thought would work pretty well. My idea was to show speed or motion that comes to an abrupt halt to symbolize the brand name "Stand Still." I achieved this by using an italic letter S, the slant of which conveys speed and motion. The S is also positioned at the far side of the box enclosing it. This suggests a form of motion blur and underlines the concept of speed.

In order to show the abrupt halt of motion, I did several things. For one, the surrounding box comes to an immediate end after the "S," bringing the motion to a sudden stop. To make this element more visually pronounced, I decided to slightly angle the right side of the box against the slant of the "S," countering the perceived motion of the "S" and creating a more abrupt stop. To represent the underground, raw aspect of the brand, I wanted to create the feeling of a long ceiling room or basement. To achieve this, I removed the top and bottom of the letter "S" to create a long and low shape.

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