project info

date: 2023


- Complete Visual Identity


Tales is a company that aims to give every family an effortless way to capture their most important stories and memories in their own voice. Tales achieves this by selling products and services such as the life story interview kit, a card deck with prompts and questions to unearth old stories and memories. I was asked to design a complete visual brand identity to reflect and aid in Tales' mission: Deepen relationships through story.

"We were thrilled with every aspect of this project! Philip is an incredibly gifted designer, and he perfectly captured the vibe we were hoping for. The entire process was smooth and painless. We can't wait to roll out the re-brand next year!"

—Spencer Wise, co-founder of Tales

The challange

I enjoy good challenges, and this project was definitely one of them. The aim for this rebrand was to evoke a sense of nostalgia and transport you through time to a familiar, cozy, warm place, while at the same time being vibrant and lively. Additionally, Tales is supposed to feel familiar, imperfect, and raw while at the same time being thoughtful and high quality.

The approach

In order to combine all these objectives into a cohesive visual identity, I looked to the past and took great inspiration from classic modernism and retro board game design, a great foundation for the branding as they simultaneously remind one of the past evoking a sense of nostalgia and retain a vibrant nature through the use of bright primary colors. The simplicity of modernist design retains the feeling of quality, while the memories of board game evenings implement the raw familiar feel.

01. logo

creating a timeless logo that's feels classic.

02. Typography

classic Modernist typeography

03. color

colors that evoke nostalgia

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-Logo Design

-Style Guide

-Brand Asset Design

-Package Design

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